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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

The Art of Creating Love

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Do You Know How to Create Loving Relationships?

•Are you struggling to improve your relationships but you don’t know how?
•Have you broken up again and wonder why you keep choosing the “wrong” partner?
•Are you having difficulty connecting with someone for an ongoing relationship?
•Do you wonder if love and intimacy are just not meant for you?

Stop struggling. Stop blaming the other people in your life. Stop blaming yourself. And stop trying to change something, someone else, or yourself. Do you know YOU have the power to create your relationships or did you think they just happen to you or at you? Creating satisfying, pleasing, pleasant, sensual, joyous, romantic, intimate and loving relationships is a skill that can be developed and an art form that involves creative intelligence and natural intuition. When you are truly living your passion and following your heart and your own inner wisdom, you naturally become an attraction magnet. People want to be around you. People want to have what you have and bask in the high level of energy you exude.
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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

The Most Important Day of Her Life

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She walked cautiously on the slippery road lest she should fall. It rained heavily in the morning and still the sky was overcast with clouds. The weather forecast predicted to have more rain in the next 24 hours. It was half past seven in the evening and Angelina can feel a tinge of cold in the air. She pulled up her stole and took careful steps to avoid any mishap. She could hear cheerful music coming out of the cafes and other restaurants on the Mall. Sometimes the lively laughter of some young couples could also be heard at a distance. Most of the people were out for an evening walk, enjoying the lovely weather and the preparation for Valentines, which was due in a couple of days.

Angelina looked at the red heart shaped balloons and chocolates packs that were specially designed for valentines. She could never think of buying them, but can only long to have them, which she has been doing for the last so many years. Some wishes always remain wishes, they are never turned into a reality and it seemed true in Angelina’s case.

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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

How to Find the Perfect Love Using Wabi Sabi

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Are you still trying to figure out how to find the perfect love? Maybe you’ve been through multiple relationships, or perhaps even divorced and still trying to find the perfect mate. Here’s the problem: we live in an imperfect world with less than perfect people. As such, our relationships are seen in much the same way. He or she just doesn’t measure up to what we expect. Hang on…maybe THAT’s the problem! Our expectations are what spoil our relationships. What if we could accept all the little imperfections that our partner possesses – not only accept them, but celebrate them? This is an example of what the Japanese call Wabi Sabi.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese art form that celebrates the imperfections of life (things that are worn, wore out, or temporal). Kind of sounds like us doesn’t it? We used to call that character. My wife used to love wearing this old long sleeve shirt of mine made out of cotton. It was very comfortable. But, as you can imagine over time and with a lot of washing the fabric began to unravel and tear. She continued to wear it until it tore around the wrist and neck area. Finally, one day I told her that we needed to either have the thing sown or throw it away because it was SO unsightly. We do get attached to our things some times, don’t we? We get very comfortable with things that have been around us for so long that we not only can overlook their flaws, but we can even accept and appreciate their flaws. Why can’t we do that with the people we care about?

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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

Man of Discipline

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Greetings to you sir! I just want to leave a few thoughts with you this week. I don’t want to go too deep though; but I might deviate a bit so just be patient with a sis…lol

So this week I posted the following on another site: Some bro’s get hooked up w/the wrong woman and their lives are never the same….bro never allow a woman 2 distract you.

A couple of the bro’s that I’m connected to on another site had a few comments and basically agreed with me; that when you veer off God’s path for your life you typically run into a road block. One of the other brothers’ brought up the topic of “succumbing to the skirt” which means allowing a sis to be your ‘jump-off’. Well, they gave me my thought for this week so here I am; for I want to talk to you about discipline from a Godly woman’s perspective…Hmm…that would be me…LOL

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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

Is LOVE a Drug?

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Of course, it isn’t really a drug – but if you consider what it can do it isn’t all that ridiculous to lump it in with some of the other, more dangerous addictive substances in the world. Love is fantastic and tragic, all at the same time. It can deliver intense highs and soul crushing lows, just like many drugs. So is love really worth it? It is too dangerous? Is it really a drug?

Love will always be worth fighting for, and in cases of true love, will always be worth dying for as well. Love is the most powerful thing in the world, yet often gets tossed around as something much less meaningful. For those in a new relationship, it is important to keep the concept of “love” in perspective, as it can grow wildly if not properly appreciated. Once out of control, it may quickly burn out, leaving you with a pile of questions, as you ponder “if only…”

Even for those of us in an established, longer relationship – love is still a very powerful resource. If both parties understand it however, it can be used for the greater good. It needs to be kept in check from time to time, of course, but with proper appreciation, love can be the greatest drug in the world.
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February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

How To Tell Your Girlfriend-Boyfriend Loves You By These 6 Obvious Signs

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How do you know if they still love you? In the first few months of courtship, or early years of marriage, the chance of seeing signs to show the love is dying is likely to be zilch. Because the relationship is still in infancy stage and your partner is learning more about you, the love will still be very strong. However, if your partner’s behaviour changes towards you, like them not seeing to your needs in bed, or the gifts stop coming, or, those three all important words…”I Love You” are hardly said, then it is time to worry, that is, if these were usual traits in your partner.

You will find in a lot of relationships if a partner fails to keep up with the romancing thing, the other thinks the love has gone. Most couples do have a fairytale romance at the start, but because this is the real world, happy endings are not always the case.

As time goes on in a relationship the partner may find it hard to keep up doing the things that he or she may have done in the early days, this could be down to money, or down to stress, but it does not mean they do not love you. You cannot expect your partner to keep giving so give them a break instead of a hard time. Just because they make paying the mortgage a priority over buying you a gold ring, flowers, or chocolates, it does not signify the spark has gone from the relationship. Cheap Tolerex Maintenance Elemental Diet,

February 10, 2012 / johnflogan

Valentine’s Day Is A Day For Fun, So Have A Good Time


Who said Valentines Day had to be taken so seriously, in fact it should be a day filled with fun. All too often some people look at it as a day filled with pressure, for example if a guy does not get his girlfriend flowers, he may fill compelled to walk the plank.

The fact of the matter is, no one should feel pressured about giving and or receiving flowers or anything else for that matter. Why?

Great question and I will provide you with the answer as to why no one should feel pressured if they do not give or receive flowers for Valentines Day. The bottom line is this, if you care about someone and or love them, giving them flowers should not be a deal breaker.

All too often, some people associate giving something as a sign of love, sorry to disappoint you, it simply is not. If you love someone no gift will ever trump the love and care you have for that special someone. My advice to people during Valentines is to have some fun, besides it only comes around once a year, however love endures.
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